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Manifesting Wizards Group. Next session: 19th Sep 2021


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This is a once a month group gathering based on my course “The Healnlearn Method – based on the Silva Method”. You do not need to have taken my course. You will learn the same things over time.

These monthly live sessions are a combination of talks/discussions on a certain topic and a practice or a group meditation part.

Here are some of the things we will talk about:

1. Define your values
2. Discover your purpose
3. Recognize your self-worth
4. Manifest the best version of you. Begin with revising your habits of thinking
5. Meditate upon the meaning of Unconditional Love (hint: it doesn’t mean to be a door matt!)
6. Release blame, guilt and family blocks.
7. Eliminate the fears of growth and success: Stop the feeling of rejection
8. Learn to discern dreams from illusions
9. Eliminate doubt and the fear of change
10. Stop feeling stuck – take action to get unstuck

Apart from getting clarity about your life and becoming more conscious and self-aware, during the meditations, you will learn:

• How to go into Alpha State and project your consciousness out of your body (Effective Sensory projection)
• Protocols to diagnose people
• How to find lost objects
• How to read the energy-information from objects: Psychometry
• How to recall forgotten information and learn new information fast
• How to receive information and advice from your own Council
• Protocols to heal yourself and others, physically and psychologically
• How to improve your relationships
• How to programme a desired outcome

 of a situation/manifest
• How to work in a group Mastermind to achieve results faster

You may also attend this session, if you have a Monthly subscription on Healnlearn that gets you to attend 4 sessions a month with various trainers.

During the sessions we will have our videos on and record. The recordings will be distributed to the participants after each session and can only be used for study purposes.

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Hello there, this is Zorina – a trainer and facilitator in manifestation, purpose, success mindset and health – all interdependent!