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Manifesting, Deeper Dating® and Love Mastery! Recorded Course


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We say “It’s complicated” not by chance. Love is a complex subject, and, even if it were easy at one point time, the coin may flip over at another point in time.
So, what is the secret of a good relationship? What is the secret of finding lasting love and sharing a happy life with YOUR partner?
Simply put – it is knowing YOURSELF better…

In this course we will teach you how to get to know yourself better with three different approaches, for the strongest impact. Here’s what you can expect to learn:

Love Manifestation principles and practices – Zorina

• How mental models about love are created
• Exercise from the family constellations method
• Consciousness and relationships: How do people mirror us?
• Love Manifestation principles and practices
Basics of the Silva method for manifestation

Deeper Dating® by the method of Ken Page with Chari

• The importance of quality relationships
• Excavating the diamond within
• The soul leads the way to fulfilment

Cards of Truth (CoT) Introduction. Principles for Relationships & Short Readings with Alfredo Diaz

• The Cards and the Love
o The Suits, Numbers, and their energies.
o Cards interactions ruled by its own energies

• The Individual
o Birth Card
o Predominant suit, profile, and individual’s interest.

• Pre-Compatibility
o Men & Women capacity for relationship

• The Birth Card spread and their meanings
o What the positions in the CoT system tell us
o Important cards for relationships in the CoT

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Course content

3 Lessons04h 50m

1. Love Manifestation with Zorina

1. Love Manifestation Content

2. Deeper Dating with Charlotte Common

3. Love Mastery with Alfredo Diaz

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