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Mastermind Group – Monthly Call with Zorina


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Welcome to the monthly manifestation coaching calls!

Are you struggling to find clarity in your purpose? Are you feeling stuck and unsure of how to move forward? Do you feel like you’re just going through the motions of life without any real direction? Are you tired of trying everything to improve your relationships, career, or financial situation, but nothing seems to be working?

I understand how frustrating and overwhelming it can be to feel lost and unfulfilled in life. That’s why I created the Healnlearn method course and the Monthly coaching calls, based on it.

Through our monthly coaching calls, I will guide you through various methods to gain clarity, discover your purpose, and manifest the life you truly desire.

My unique approach combines principles from the Silva method, an energy-information system for ‘field’ programming,  developed by a government agency in a country far, far away…,heart activation, shamanism, herbal medicine, and more, to provide you with a holistic and comprehensive way to achieve your goals.

During these calls, we will cover topics such as predetermination and free will, the principles of manifestation, recovering your self-worth, choosing goals aligned with your soul, and diagnosing and healing.

With the easy techniques I will share with you, you’ll discover how to overcome limiting beliefs, develop a positive mindset, and unlock your full potential.

Some Topics we will cover

  • Get clear on predetermination and free will. How do we create – the principles of Manifestation
  • The Healnlearn Method of Manifestation – Recover your self-worth by establishing a clear image of you as a human
  • Purpose and Meaning – Choosing Goals Aligned with Your Soul and getting clear on your goals
  • The Healnlearn method for Manifestation – Manifest by helping one another manifest
  • Energy Diagnosing and Healing
  • Activate Your Psychic Abilities, Discovering Hidden Information and Lost Objects

Most importantly, by joining our community of like-minded individuals, you will have the opportunity to share your experiences, connect with others, and receive support throughout your journey.

Don’t let fear hold you back from living the life you’ve always dreamed of. Join us now and discover your true purpose and live the life you deserve! If you have any questions, please contact us here.

The next group coaching call will take place on Sat., the 23rd of September.

Time: 7pm CET, 1pm EST, 10am, PST, 6pm UK

The sessions are recorded and can only be used for study purposes. This is a monthly subscription call. Cancel anytime, no questions asked!

For questions Contact me here.

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Trainer and facilitator in manifestation, purpose, success mindset and health – all interdependent!