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Mastermind Group – Monthly Call with Zorina


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What do you want to achieve? WHY do you want to achieve the THING? How do you want to live? Who are you? (consider these in reverse order)

Most people struggle to get clear-headed about their purpose and spend their lives bumping off various goals and ideas, installed by society. As a matter of fact, clarity of purpose is a number one roadblock to our happiness, including happiness in our relationships.

In these coaching calls I will walk you through various methods to gain clarity and discover your purpose. In the process, you will also naturally learn to use the Healnlearn method – partially using concepts from the Silva Method of Mind Control.

I’d like to briefly explain how manifestation works by the method that I teach. I’m calling it the Healnlearn method. It has some elements of the Silva method and lots of other philosophies and practices that I have applied and seen to work.

– I follow the principles of Silva, which are by the way universal principles of doing good that he has summarized tremendously well after decades of research.

– In addition, we apply heart activation, shamanism, herbal medicine and more. When the participants feel love and compassion and feel with their hearts for the story of the other person – this is when manifestation, healing and other situation programming happens.

And it happens for the one who has felt the love – who has wished well. The one who has felt love for the image that the group is creating has managed to raise their vibration, so as to manifest their own goal.

Some Topics we will cover

  • Get clear on predetermination and free will. How do we create – the principles of Manifestation
  • The Healnlearn Method of Manifestation – Recover your self-worth by establishing a clear image of you as a human
  • Purpose and Meaning – Choosing Goals Aligned with Your Soul and getting clear on your goals
  • The Healnlearn method for Manifestation – Manifest by helping one another manifest
  • Diagnosing and Healing
  • Discovering Hidden Information and Lost Objects

Most importantly you will get to know like-minded people, or meet again the people you have met in my courses. You will get to share and be accepted!

During the sessions we will have our videos on and record the sessions. The recordings will be distributed to the participants after each session and can only be used for study purposes.

This is a group coaching call that takes place every month. 

Next Upcoming call is on Dec. 16th, 2022

Time: 7pm CET, 1pm EST, 10am, PST, 6pm UK

This is a monthly subscription call.

Cancel anytime, no questions asked!

For questions Contact me here.

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Trainer and facilitator in manifestation, purpose, success mindset and health – all interdependent!