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How to Manifest a Love Relationship


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This is a recorded webinar jam-packed with information! Here, you will not get your regular 3 concepts, and exercise and go. Every concept in this webinar is distilled from multiple sources and years of reading, observation, reflection and discovery. I have personally tested and approved these principles.



0.1.How to define what love means to you
1. RULES OF MANIFESTATION – basic concepts you have to observe to make anything you’re manifesting a reality. How does this apply to LOVE?
• How to make exactly what you want show in your life
• How concrete should you be
• How to visualize
• How to focus
• How to make it happen faster


While the rules of manifestation give you the cornerstones of the manifestation art, the manifesting principles are the second layer – here we add flesh to the concepts, how we need to think and what we need to observe daily for our efforts to reach fruition.


You will then learn which 3. MANIFESTING HABITS will bring you to your goal faster. This is the third layer of daily practices that completes the process of manifestation, which is all that is under the iceberg.


ABOVE the Iceberg are specific tools to 4. REWIRE YOUR BRAIN. These can get you thinking in the direction of your love goal.

In this section we talk about 5. THE PRACTICAL STEPS you can take on your path to manifesting LOVE.
In the midst of the webinar, we will do a short and effective meditation on manifesting love. This meditation is one of the tools you can use daily to put yourself in a state of believing and receiving.

Enjoy and share your experiences to help others reach their love goals!

Webinar length: 1:07 hours

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