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Heal Past Trauma Causing Anxiety and Addiction


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Are you tired of a reaching for relief and have a habit that you want to release or just wish you had more control over?

What’s your reach for relief thing? Is it sugar, wine, online shopping, social media, or perhaps its alcohol, gambling, smoking, prescription or street drugs or is it something else?

Most people don’t realize that whenever we want to reach for relief we are trying to soothe, cope or avoid some emotional pain which is often subconscious.

Its feels like we are on auto pilot.

We know it’s not good but can’t stop it. I know I have been there.

Here we focus on the cause of needing emotional pain killers not the symptom.

This 7 hour online course you will give you life time tools and techniques and offers powerful exercises backed by neuroscience so you can heal take your power back and be happy to be you!

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Practicing A Brilliant Way To Be Human Emotional & Energetic Intelligence Expert I help people clear their blocks so they can emotionally and energetically line up with what they want to achieve. We all want success