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Heal Learn Grow Sittings with Zorina

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Hello, I’m Zorina Dimitrova, and I’m excited to invite you to join Heal Learn Grow Sittings – bi-weekly – once every two weeks, online group sessions, in which, we’ll explore a wide array of topics: from consciousness and relationships to money blocks, healing, crypto, business growth, and much more.

Interactive Conversations

My sessions are designed for active participation and engagement. Unlike traditional trainings, these sittings are interactive conversations where you can voice your thoughts, share experiences, and seek advice. You’ll be directly involved, learning and applying real solutions to your challenges.

Wide Range of Topics

Every other week, we delve into a different topic relevant to your life. Whether it’s about overcoming financial barriers, improving relationships, or growing your business, we cover it all. Plus, I address major issues raised by the group, even if they don’t fit the theme of the call.

Expert Facilitation

As an experienced facilitator, I lead each session, providing guidance, sharing techniques, and occasionally conducting meditations to enhance your personal growth. I bring a wealth of experience and practical techniques that you can apply immediately.

Global Community

Join a diverse, global community. Our sessions are held at 7 PM CET, which is convenient for members in Los Angeles (10 AM), New York (1 PM), and Delhi (10:30 PM). You’ll also gain access to an exclusive Discord group where you can stay connected, share resources, and support each other continuously.

Time, Money and Place (The Environment)

– Time Management: Each session lasts no longer than 60 minutes, making it easy to fit into your schedule.

– Value for Money: The subscription offers tremendous value, expert guidance, and a supportive community, all for just 99 EUR per month. If you want to join one session, then choose this option at checkout.

– Safe and Inclusive Environment: Our sessions are conducted in a safe, respectful, and inclusive atmosphere where everyone is welcome to share and grow.

Next Session: June 16th at 7 PM CET, at 7 PM CET, Los Angeles (10 AM), New York (1 PM), and Delhi (10:30 PM)

It’s the perfect opportunity to begin your journey of healing, learning, and growing with me and a supportive community.

In the upcoming call we will talk about family dynamics and the genealogical love bonds (this is not about family constellations). We will also do a session on clearing one particular nasty emotions from your past.

Join Heal Learn Grow Sittings with Zorina and take the first step towards personal and collective growth. I look forward to seeing you there!

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