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Forgive, and Be Free From Your Past


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When you are stuck and can’t move forward (or just get out of your own way for that matter), you have energy that needs shifting.
That’s right..energy is meant to flow forward. That’s how it brings new things into your life. New things such as new opportunities for attracting more money or achieving better health or finding true love.


To make true change, there must be a shift of unforgiven energy.

I won’t sugarcoat it. It’s hard to forgive. It’s easy to say the words “I forgive you”. What’s hard is really feeling the change in your heart and really meaning it when you speak the words.
To make true change, believing, feeling and accepting those words are crucial. So many of my success stories with clients uncovered an unresolved forgiveness issue that kept them stuck, blocked and unable to attain Self Love
…and they never even knew it!
Maybe that’s what’s happened with you too.
Maybe that’s why relationships start great and fizzle out.
Maybe that’s why your career isn’t what you want.
Maybe that’s an underlying cause of some health issues.
Because in all my experiences, both personal and professional, I have seen what NOT forgiving does to the mind, body

Forgive, Live and Be Free is perfect for you if…

• You keep replaying events in your past over and over
• You wish you would have done or said something different and you can’t stop thinking about how things would be better if you had
• You have trouble keeping relationships going or getting them started to begin with
• You try to stay positive and upbeat but things still aren’t manifesting like you think they should
• You are starting to think an unforgiven issue is holding you back from the life you truly want and deserve to have
If any of the above resonates, you’re in the perfect position right now to enroll and I can’t wait to welcome you to the Forgive, Live and Be Free class and reward your commitment with the ultimate gift of Forgiveness and Self Love!

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Everything you experience in life is and has been created in collaboration with the frequency of the energy you

Student Reviews

I have been struggling with confusion and not knowing which way to go ever since my marriage ended. Marcy helped me get clear from my past and get clear on my vision for the future. I feel inspired and full of energy! Thank you, Marcy! I am positive about my future and know I can deal with any obstacle that comes my way effectively! Love you!