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Create Your Success! Manage Your Money, Karma and Influence


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Are you looking for ways to improve your finances and increase your influence in your personal and professional life?

This live course is designed to help you achieve just that!

Over the course of seven sessions, you will learn the basics of controlling your energy, create a power structure linked to your purpose, remove money-related karma, and adjust your environment using energy-information tools.

We will also focus on increasing your influence and charisma by teaching you elements of charisma such as confidence, body language, and psychology.

You will learn situation programming, aligning to another person, and changing the association to the energy-information eggregor, as well as internal strength and predicting the future techniques.


“The whole world is energy. All phenomena are energy-informational processes. Consciousness affects matter.”

In the 80’s a project was sponsored by the Russian secret services on psychotronic influence. The goal was to develop:

„Purposeful influence by an extrasensory person (or a group of people) that can cause alterations in the consciousness of a person (or a group) to affect their behaviour. “

The research lasted almost a decade and involved the systematic study of about 500 extrasensory people.

The fall of the regime in that country brought the project to a close and lead to the commercial release of (some of) the findings.

This course is based on tools developed during the course of this project.

You will learn to:

  • Remove karma and negative programming about money and self-worth
  • Install new programs of success and prosperity in your energy-information field
  • Influence others to achieve your worthwhile goals

In the whole process you will altogether learn to manage and direct your energy levels.

Course Sessions:

  • Session 1 – Prosperity – Money and Well-being. Learn the basics of controlling your energy
  • Session 2 – Create a power structure – a dream linked to your purpose.
  • Session 3 – Remove money related karma – remove all subconscious patterns that have stood in the way of your prosperity and well-being.
  • Session 4 – Create and adjust your environment through energy-information tools

Sessions 5 to 7 are focused on Increasing Your Influence and Charisma. Influence and Charisma are the outwardly expression of your energy, self-worth and relation to the outer world.

Session 5: Elements of Charisma (Influence and Confidence) – Body, Energy, Psychology

Session 6: Situation Programming: Aligning (to) another person and changing the association to the energy-information eggregor

Session 7: Internal Strength and Predicting the Future Techniques

Course Start: This live course has now ended, for one-on-one sessions based on this course, go to Zorina Dimitrova. To get on the list for the next live course, Contact Us.

Schedule: Saturdays and Sundays at 7pm CET for the duration of the course

Class length is between 1:15-2:00 hours depending on the topic and the number of participants.

During the training you will have full email access to me, where I will answer your questions and support you in your journey. Video recordings and course documents will be provided.

For questions, email me on zorina.dimitrova@healnlearn.com

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Trainer and facilitator in manifestation, purpose, success mindset and health – all interdependent!


Student Reviews

Magic is happening. Today I got promoted as Credit and Collections Manager.!!! Totally Shocked so it means I need to manifest new amount as I will have totally new position and even better salary :)))) Again they need to first approve it and find the budget for me, but I it is totally new level of manifestation just skipped one level. Should I repead the process and program new amount? Decision will be made by the End of December and I will get new papers. Next time I think I want to program with you a new relationship and loving partner and husband 😍 It works and does wonders Sunny Bar.

Dear Zorina, I wanted to share a success story with you :) Today I had the end of the year talk with my boss, which we have every year around this time. We discuss all kinds of topics, such as how our projects went, what went well, what could have gone better, plans for the future, overtime hours, vacation days and also salary and whether there is a bonus this time or not. So last week I already started manifesting and visualized a certain amount that I would like to receive as a bonus. Then after our session yesterday I felt very good and I decided to increase the amount I want to visualize. So since yesterday I have been visualizing how the discussion will go and how my boss will hand me a document where the amount I want is written on and he is thanking me for my effort etc.. And you won't believe it, I got exactly this amount. I am so happy and surprised at the same time. This is just crazy! The bonus is not a given and my boss is free to choose it for each employee and if he wants to give something at all and how much. It is not regulated or something. I think it's just unbelievable. All the more so because I decided just last night to increase the amount and got exactly that. So I’m very excited and motivated to keep working on my manifestations 😉😎😀 Thank you so much for this course, I am learning a lot!!

Zorina, something miraculous happened ✨ at 11:59. I got the meeting I was praying for all week!! And this is the person I met on Wednesday night when my talk was cancelled. The universe had the plan! And it’s a perfect one 🙏 The exercise we did today was life changing i feel. Thank you 😍