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Create Your Success! Manage Your Money, Karma and Influence

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“The whole world is energy. All phenomena are energy-informational processes. Consciousness affects matter.”

In the 80’s a project was sponsored by the Russian secret services on psychotronic influence. The goal was to develop:

„Purposeful influence by an extrasensory person (or a group of people) that can cause alterations in the consciousness of a person (or a group) to affect their behaviour. “

The research lasted almost a decade and involved the systematic study of about 500 extrasensory people.

The fall of the regime in that country brought the project to a close and lead to the commercial release of (some of) the findings.

This course is based on tools developed during the course of this project.

You will learn to:

  • Remove karma and negative programming about money and self-worth
  • Install new programs of success and prosperity in your energy-information field
  • Influence others to achieve your worthwhile goals

In the whole process you will altogether learn to manage and direct your energy levels.

Course Sessions:

  • Session 1 – Prosperity – Money and Well-being. Learn the basics of controlling your energy
  • Session 2 – Create a power structure – a dream linked to your purpose.
  • Session 3 – Remove money related karma – remove all subconscious patterns that have stood in the way of your prosperity and well-being.
  • Session 4 – Create and adjust your environment through energy-information tools

Sessions 5 to 7 are focused on Increasing Your Influence and Charisma. Influence and Charisma are the outwardly expression of your energy, self-worth and relation to the outer world.

Session 5: Elements of Charisma (Influence and Confidence) – Body, Energy, Psychology

Session 6: Situation Programming: Aligning (to) another person and changing the association to the energy-information eggregor

Session 7: Internal Strength and Predicting the Future Techniques

Course Start: 10th of December, 2022

Schedule: Saturdays and Sundays at 7pm CET for the duration of the course (excl. holidays – Christmas and New Years). Classes are recorded.

Class length is between 1:15-2:00 hours depending on the topic and the number of participants.

During the training you will have full email access to me, where I will answer your questions and support you in your journey. Video recordings and course documents will be provided.

Two Packages are available:

Core package – Sessions one to four.

Full Package – all sessions.

Choose the option at checkout.

For questions, email me on zorina.dimitrova@healnlearn.com


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