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Coaching program with Mike Amato


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coaching with mike amato


The foundation of my programme is that there is a wealth of resources to help people understand WHAT they need to believe in order to create a higher level of success. We see this through the various motivational and encouraging messages on social media and through various programmes offered by celebrity speakers, all designed to fuel the transformation from where one is today to where they want to go.

The problem is that this externally fueled motivation only lasts a short time and often doesn’t lead to transformative change. This is because motivation alone isn’t enough.

My holistic approach addresses the key challenge of HOW to use that motivation to create inspiration and HOW to apply that inspiration in a personal growth programme designed to exceed one’s expectations on what their life could look like.

This process was developed over my 35 years as an executive manager, transforming global corporations and, in the process, tens of thousands of lives. The process for organisational change and growth mirrors the process of individual change and growth because organisations are, at their core, people.

This process worked for me personally and for the businesses I managed in stunning fashion.

My 6 week programme is for anyone who wants something more in their career, their business or their personal life and consists of 6 one-on-one calls of one hour each. During these calls we cover:

* Taking ownership of one’s life and the responsibility for creating a new, more successful future

* Creating the mindset for success through a new belief system

* Letting go of the programming that brought one to where they are today and creating new programming that matches where one wants to go

* How to articulate clearly one’s future objectives and vision for their life

* The missing link of attaching powerful emotions to that future life

* The fundamentals of human behavior and the twin cycles that dictate one’s success

* The science of how managing our Emotional Profile can create an entirely new reality

* How to practice the magic of attracting synchronicities and opportunities

After 6 sessions, my clients are now my friends, so I always offer 1 more complimentary session to see how things are progressing and to refresh information for a deeper understanding.

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