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Boost your Motivation & Confidence with Powerful Hypnosis!


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Boost your Motivation


Remember when you are blocked or you want to give up, look at what you really want and why you want this. You have put the address in your GPS, it doesn’t matter which roads you take, you will get there.

Cheering for ourselves with passion, and with a true sense of love and appreciation is not arrogant, it’s actually required if we’re going to live a life of fulfillment, gratitude, and meaning.

The hypnotic audio will give you the power to belief in yourself. Installing your own best Cheerleader is fun, amazing and will get you wired for success.


“I still need support from family and friends to complete my tasks, but I feel more confident. I am really happy with the cheerleader audio which helped me to focus on myself.” Dubravka

There is always support and solutions. Hardwiring this belief that you can do it, will bring you the change you are longing for.

If you want to build up more self-love skills with the use of hypnotherapy, sign up for a free intake of 60 min to discuss your concerns and objectives and to see if we are a fit.

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6 lectures, duration: 01:07:42

1. Increase Motivation and Cheer Yourself On! (Introduction)
2. Q&A Hypnotherapy
3. Increase Motivation and Cheer Yourself On! (audio)
4. Increase Motivation and Cheer Yourself On! (regression)
5. RTT is more than Hypnotherapy!
6. Motivation

Enjoy this transformational journey!
Love Laimei
Certified Nutrition & Hypnosis Coach

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My name is Laimei and I empower my clients to become more confident and healthier people.