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Are you yearning for deeper love

Laimei Yeung

(Well, who isn’t)?

I went to a birthday party recently and met a friend I hadn’t seen for a while. She is a beautiful, successful brunette in her early 40’s with very friendly and youthful looks. When she told me she was still single, I was both surprised and not. Surprised, because it’s incomprehensible how such a gem can still be on the market. And not so surprised because I keep seeing amazing women and men in their prime having difficulty to find and keep a partner.

She told me with a pinch of sadness in her voice: “It’s so hard to date. People are simply used to gliding on the surface, and if something is not entirely to their liking, they just move on to the next date.”

“Surely you can’t get to know anyone well enough on the first date. Moreover, if you never give each other a second chance, it’s all a huge waste of time”, I said. “I know how hard it is for people to be themselves and at the same time try to meet expectations. Dating is a tough game, and after a certain age it gets really tiring.”

I have given lots of love advice to people in my life. Sometimes, it is taken well, sometimes not. You know how when you get the same type of advice from two people, you only hear it from the one you resonate with? This applies to any type of coaching. People first relate to the person who gives them the information.

And then, there are universal systems for success in any sphere, step-by-step guides. You just need to know the how.
I remember very clearly the time when I was dating (and I am happy I went past this period). What I remember, though, is that I worked as much on myself and on my subconscious beliefs, as I did actually put out effort to date.

The “How” of dating goes first through your own subconscious beliefs and I have just the right person for you, who can lead you to find Love step-by-step.

Laimei Yeung, hypnotherapist (Rapid transformational hypnotherapy) offers the

program “Deeper Dating”: Finding Empowerment and Self-Love

Based on the work of Ken Page, renowned Psychotherapist and author of Deeper Dating, this four-stage program helps you journey to the heart of intimacy and joy.

Stage 1: Discover your core gifts

• Your core gifts – A key to finding your beloved and yourself
• How to love yourself first

Stage 2: Recognize which attractions lead to love and which lead to pain

• The difference between attraction of attractions and deprivations
• How your attractions reveal your core gifts

Stage 3: Learn the skill of deeper dating

• The seven skills of deeper dating and how to lead with your gifts
• How to find the light in the middle of the tunnel

Stage 4: Cultivate lasting love

• Cultivating your sexual core gifts
• Being loved into fullness

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