Business Advantages

You are about to make your work times easier!

By using our online platform for video consultations, all you need to serve your clients are a laptop with a web camera, a tablet or a mobile device and a broadband internet connection.

Now you are able to serve clients who live abroad, in remote areas, ones that are stay-at-home parents or caretakers of other people. You can finally be reached by potential clients, who have too much going on in their life to be able to attend counseling sessions in person.

Why choose HealnLearn as your Online Platform

More clients

You can reach clients that would have otherwise not been able to use your services, because they live far away, or take care of children or elderly at home, the ones who travel just too much, or are simply too busy. Your concrete professional skills are needed by someone. You can showcase your knowledge and expertise by giving a video interview to one of our staff members that would be published on our youtube channel, or by offering paid webinars on a particular topic that you are an expert in.

Less or no missed appointments

We send both you and your client reminders of an upcoming appointment 24 hours and one hour before its start. It is, generally, less likely that a client would miss an appointment online, as they are likely to face less problems sparing the time and traveling to you.

More flexible working time

Video consulting allows you to choose your own working schedule. You can offer counseling in the evenings, or in the weekends, and thus serve your clients more effectively. Think about those in different time zones, or the ones who have an inflexible schedule during the day.

Sticking to the life consulting plan

Your clients generally find it easier to follow a life consulting plan online. According to data, 86% of the first time clients continue using the services of the experts on the same Platform.