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5 Steps to Correcting Your Energy-Emotional Response to a Situation.

How to be more charismatic and influencial

These series are based on an energy information system for further personal developed in the USSR in the 80’s. I use some of these tools, when I facilitate the Silva Method Mastermind groups. My next group starts on the 20th of November. Check out the Healnlean Method and the Healnlearn Method for Trainers.

Often, it is the situation, and not necessarily the person that triggers us and that can lead us to perform poorly, or worse than usual. We usually have expectations about the outcome of certain situations, or emotions related to a situation. Different people react differently to the same situations because it all depends on the individual images and associations they carry in their minds.

Our goal with the following tools is to neutralize the negative emotions we experience when we think about a future situation – emotions that can deter us from performing at our best.

For example, if you are about to go on a date and you feel insecurity when talking to potential love partners, this insecurity may cause a serious emotional problem, or stop you from going anywhere overall.

This emotion of insecurity is not effective for your goal to meet a love partner.

Surely, we cannot predict all unpleasant situations but the ones we know we have a negative emotional association with- we can correct!

Step 1: Feel the negative emotion fully.

About half an hour before the unpleasant situation, imagine the upcoming situation. Make the picture in your mind as vivid as possible. Use all of your senses to enhance the truthfulness of this picture. Do not spare yourself from feeling the negative emotions – do it now, so that you don’t have to do it when the time comes, in the crucial moment of meeting your date!

Step 2:  Now start increasing the upward flow of energy – the one that goes from the Earth through your root chakra and exits upwards through your crown chakra. (I have talked about the two main energy flows in the previous videos of thie serie.)

Step 3: Contract the image that you have just created until it becomes as small as a dot. Push the dot beyond your level of sight (of your internal mind’s eye). This should take no longer than 2 minutes.

You have now lived through the situation in advance, so you no longer need to face it. This method is very similar to the techniques used in NLP (neurolinguistic programming).

Now that we minimized the emotion, we will have to fill the gap of this association with something else. By doing this you replace your negative reaction to similar situations in the future. So, it is like training a muscle.

Step 4. Change the behavioural response.

Increase the upward energy flow and imagine a situation that bothers you – a concrete, or a fictional one. Look at it with all your senses until your usual emotion arises. Then stop and direct all of your energy outwards through your eyes, relax the facial muscles and put a smile on your face. Repeat this whole process a few times until your reaction becomes stable (2-4 times).

Step 5. Change the associating emotion.

We just changed our behavioural reaction but our emotion may still be the same. This creates an emotional dissonance. When we change the focus of our perception, we change our emotional state associated to it. One of the options to change the emotional association is to push the focus so far ahead in the future, so that the current situation becomes only one of the means to reach the future goal. It becomes one step to the goal. In the example of you going on a date – your future goal could be having a loving family and children. Going on a first date is just one step to the final goal. Focus on the final goal and thus release the negative emotional charge to the first step to your goal.

What situation do you have a negative emotional association with? Let me know in the comments!

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