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3 Bodily practices that speed up your manifestation

Why is your manifestation not working?


How many hours of meditations on abundance have you listened to? How many books have you read and videos watched on how to manifest money, a relationship, or something else in your life? How many times have you written and burnt your wishes on a full moon, whispered your wishes to your water, or bought precious stones to help get you closer to your manifestation goal?

I bet at least a thousand times. And why are you still doing it?

  • Aah, let me guess…Because there was no result, or it was just temporary, and you probably have no idea what else you could do. It sort of becomes a habit to try out ‘magic’ things, just because it’s entertaining to the mind…Unfortunately, it’s not effective, next to the entertainment component.

When it comes to creation, i.e. manifestation, we cannot just look at the thing we want to achieve with a narrow focus. Yes, you need focus to achieve it but the narrow focus prevents you from seeing the tripping stones on your ways. Is the goal aligned with your heart’s desire? What other areas of your life will be directly affected from your creation. Who else will be impacted?

You need to consider ‘your entire ecosphere’ when you create your manifestation goal. Only when your goal is fully integrated with your life picture, do you remove subconscious blockages that may be there to protect other areas of your life from changing.

Your Body Creates. The body-mind connection

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Have you ever used your body to manifest? Or do you, like most people do, think you only need to feel good and believe to trick your reality?

Manifestation is not simply a mind’s work. It’s an integrative work – of everything you can perceive. Not only your mind, not only your whole environment – but very importantly – your Body too!

While you’re in a physical body, there’s an unbreakable link between your body, mind and soul. If your body suffers, your connection to God Creator usually suffers a bit too. To heal you need to become more like God- Creator – to create in happiness and awe…with one difference: You have a body to take care of – a body that has to be included in the wholistic picture of your creation.

In order for you to be “in happiness and awe”, that is in the high vibration needed for manifestation, your body has to be tuned up and feeling good.

Here’s how the body feels good:

  1. Sleep, Body oxygenation, hydration, food.

Take enough sleep. Forget about the productivity ads – successful people that sleep three four hours a night. People need different amounts of sleep at different periods of their lives. The same is valid for exercising, drinking water and eating.

Regarding food and drinks, it is important to note that GMO and hydrogenated fats and syrups block the electric transmission through the neuropathways of your brain. The result is that you feel less anxious – kinda like numbed – when you eat sweet and (bad) fatty foods. At the same time your vibration is slowed down – you cannot experience anxiousness but you cannot experience full happiness either. Foods that give you high vibrations and are good for manifestation are fresh, ideally recently picked fruits and vegetables.

  1. Parasite cleanse and detox.

According to unofficial medical data one third of all Europeans suffer from internal parasites. Internal parasites can dwell in almost any part of the body and remain unnoticed for decades. They come in with decaying food, mostly meat and stay because of low vibration. Parasites and gems do not survive in high vibrational milieu.

Little did you know but internal parasites are often a reason for migraine, acne and other skin problems, such as papilloma on the skin, itchiness, bad breath, nail fungi etc.. These invaders cause reduced function of the immune system and of the internal secretion glands – thyroid problems, for example.

Recent medical research shows that parasites are among the top causes for autoimmune diseases, including cancer.

  • How to detox from parasites:  

Look for natural remedies with the following contents: green peel of a walnut, wormwood and carnation. These remedies take long, at least three months, to give an effect, and one has to be persistent with the intake.

  • Other types of detox:

Heavy metal detox, candida detox, fluoride from water detox – there are supplements for all of these. In general, a longer period of non-food fasting can do the same thing and restart your body.

North American Shamans, like Joe Greenland Foxdreamer, sometimes fast even without water for four days before major ceremonies. According to him “this helps get my prayers heard”. For us, this translates as “it helps in my creation-manifestation”.

  • Cerebral cortex liquid

Our bodies are moved through liquids. If you have ever had an osteopathy therapy session, you have probably heard the practitioner talk about correcting the flow of the major rivers in one’s body.

One of the major rivers in the body is the circulation of Cerebrospinal Fluid. The proper flow of this major ‘bodily river’ensures longevity, youth and high energy levels – all needed for manifestation.

There are special exercises to activate the flow of this river. The closest resemblance to these exercises are the Five Tibetan rites (yoga like set of 5 movements).

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